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Book Review: The Story Factor

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The Story Factor by Annette Simmons

Sales Trailer:

A book about how to use stories to influence and inspire.  What could be more important than that?


The Six Stories You Need to Know How to Tell

What a Story Can Do that Facts Can’t

The Psychology of Story’s Influence

Three Clear Points

1.  Stories are all around you. Use them.
2.  Stories trump facts.
3.  You will have much more of an impact on people by telling your stories.


“Living a life of influence means that we are more often evangelizing to the heathens and less often preaching to the choir.”

“Ultimately people trust your judgment and your words based on subjective evidence.  Objective data doesn’t go deep enough to engender trust.”

“Facts are neutral until human beings add their own meaning to those facts…  The meaning they add to facts depends on their current story.  People stick with their story even when presented with facts that don’t fit.  They simply interpret or discount the facts to fit their story.  This is why facts are not terribly useful in influencing others.  People don’t need new facts – they need a new story.”

Wish I Had Known…

What I love most about this book is that is does two powerful things.  First, it makes a strong case for why stories have power, and how they are different from facts.  Second, it provides a convincing rationale for the types of stories we must tell to increase our personal impact with others.

If I had had these insights at the beginning of my career, I might have been a much stronger salesperson and connector than I was.  I remember learning lots of “feeds and speeds” as a young salesman at IBM.  Looking back, I realize now that that was a ‘necessary but not sufficient’ way for me to connect with customers and help them gain the value that I was trying to create.

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