Craig Wortmann, the Founder and CEO of Sales Engine, has been a professional sales person for 20 years. He spent his first year in sales being trained by IBM Corporation in the classical selling style and was the #2 performer in his year-long sales school class. Post-IBM, Craig covered three-quarters of the country selling to large retailers for a division of Dean Witter. After finishing business school at Kellogg, Craig joined a midsize consulting firm called the Forum Corporation and quickly became the firm’s new product launch and client recovery specialist.

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In 2000, Craig was recruited to join a start-up company called WisdomTools as its CEO. Craig ran and grew WisdomTools and then successfully sold the company to a larger firm in 2008.

After founding Sales Engine, one of Craig’s early projects was to become the interim CEO of an interactive marketing and web strategy firm called ClearGauge after being recruited by the firm’s venture backers. Craig executed a turnaround of ClearGauge by immediately building a sales engine and developing a new web presence as well as cutting significant costs. Craig then sold the company at a high valuation to a much larger agency.

From $250,000 computer systems to $1,500,000 consulting projects and from $20 books to entire companies, Craig has been a consistent high-performer selling products and services across the B2B and B2C spectrum.

Another of Craig’s personalities (one is not enough) is that of professor. He designed and developed a course called Entrepreneurial Selling for the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. The course has quickly become one of the most popular courses at the school. He recently made the switch and currently teaches at Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University.

Craig’s final personality is that of author. His recent book, What’s Your Story? looks at how leaders and sales professionals use stories to connect, inspire and overachieve. He is co-authoring his next book with Dr. Waverly Deutsch PhD., a former venture capitalist and professor of entrepreneurship at Chicago Booth. The book provides entrepreneurs and sales people the knowledge, skills and discipline it takes to succeed in the toughest, best job there is.

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