In Chicago next week? Check out these two events:

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Here at Sales Engine, we are always seeking out opportunities to learn. We’re known for having an endless list of books to read (a list that we hope to get around to more often than is possible sometimes!). One of the most interesting ways we like to learn is by attending events, workshops, conferences, and speeches in the Chicago area where we are based. Next week, we’re attending two very different events and we have high hopes for the knowledge that will be imparted upon us.

The first concerns our obsession with stories and storytelling within a business context. Sales Engine’s CEO, Craig Wortmann, wrote and published his book, What’s Your Story?: Using Stories to Ignite Performance and Be More Successful a few short years ago and, since then, storytelling has been a common thread in all of our work, whether it be working with clients or speaking to sales teams around the world. On Monday evening, we will be attending a Skillshare workshop entitled “Storytelling Mojo: How to Get Paid for Being the Real You“. Michael Margolis is the teacher and he describes himself as a “dude obsessed with storytelling”. We are looking forward to learning more about stories and how we can use them in our work and in our own professional lives. Next week’s session is currently sold out, but check out the link to see the future class dates that are available.

The second event that we are gearing up for is Entrepreneurs Unpluggd monthly event to be held on Tuesday evening at the Chopin Theater in Wicker Park. The topic this month is: “Make Your Passion Your Next Startup“. Entrepreneurs Unpluggd always manages to pull together some really inspiring and active people within Chicago’s entrepreneurial community and we’ll be hearing from CEOs and Founders of Threadless, GiveForward, and Tap.me!. Tickets are still available for this event if you’re interested in joining us.  (And if you cannot make it to the event, maybe you can join in by following our live tweets that evening. Follow us @SalesEngine!)

When was the last time you attended an event just to soak up some knowledge from your peers? Stepping outside the box usually sparks something within our team that wouldn’t have been sparked otherwise. (Hint: We keep our eye out for these events via Twitter and LinkedIn.).

P.S. If you’re interested in reading Craig’s book, “What’s Your Story?” you can check out the audiobook version on iTunes, Amazon, and Audible.com as of this week!

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