My kids are getting to that age when they are now telling me how to drive! The other day, they were in the backseat of our Mini, and they kept telling me that I was going too fast. But that got me thinking (and slowing): my kids can monitor (and improve) the way I’m driving from the backseat, because in the Mini the dashboard odometer is HUGE. What if we could all see the dashboard for our company? What if the metrics were there such that we could make real-time decisions?

This is starting to happen. I was in California recently with a client CEO who, in the middle of a meeting, pulled out his iPhone and showed me an up-to-the-minute look at some of his key business metrics. Very powerful.

Most businesses now have the systems in place to build a dashboard that will allow them to make better, faster decisions. How many dashboards do you have in your life? It doesn’t stop with the car’s dashboard. This blog has a dashboard. My Facebook page, LinkedIn page, Twitter account, my iPhone screen…all are dashboards. Cripes, even my home thermostat looks like a dashboard now. Actually, we are surrounded by dashboards. I just built a very powerful version in for my firm’s sales efforts. So…at last count, I’ve got about 12 dashboards I check on a regular basis…some hourly, some daily, some weekly (or when my kids tell me to).

If you could put together a dashboard for your business, what would it measure?

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