Why “Entrepreneurial Selling” Is Different (PLUS An Awesome Resource)

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At Sales Engine, we believe that nothing happens until something gets sold. You may have a great idea or a great product, but it doesn’t mean anything until a customer begins to interact with it.

Because nothing happens until something gets sold.

We also believe that the entrepreneurial sales challenge is much different than the professional sales challenge. In most organizations that have a coherent structure and process, selling is pretty much straightforward. You’re given a territory, a protocol for reaching out to potential customers/clients, and you follow a sales process through to close. As an entrepreneur, you inherently lack structure and process. Heck, you might not even have your product built yet, your idea is still growing. You’re a multi-tasking machine responsible for moving up, down, and across the sales process—from prospecting to qualifying to close to delivery to customer service. You are responsible for each step in the process because you don’t have the infrastructure yet to support each step.

Our CEO, Craig Wortmann, has been thinking through this challenge for the better part of his career. (And Inc. magazine recognized his class, Entrepreneurial Selling, as one of the top MBA courses of 2011.) Let’s step aside from the entrepreneur angle and consider this question: Where do most of us learn to sell? Think about that for one moment…and ask yourself, “Did I learn to sell in school?”. The answer is most likely “no”. Most of us learn how to sell in a professional organization, outside of the classroom.

As Craig has worked with start-ups, entrepreneurs, and companies in the early growth stages, he came to realize that there should be resources available to every entrepreneur and that every entrepreneur should learn how to sell—because, again, nothing happens until something gets sold.

We’re excited to announce that Craig’s content is currently available on the Kauffman Foundation’s new initiative called Founders School. The goal of the Entrepreneurial Selling series is to help entrepreneurs become as efficient and effective as possible in the sales process, because they don’t have a minute to waste. Before you dive in, here’s a small taste of Craig’s sales philosophy and how it is specific to entrepreneurs:

If you’re interested in learning more, all of these resources are free to those that are interested. When you visit the Founders School, don’t forget to check out the list of resources featured on the right. These are all tools that you can take advantage of in a matter of minutes.

The Entrepreneurial Selling module is just one of many series available, as well. Be notified when new modules are available by following @KauffmanFS on Twitter!

Let us know what you think!

  • Did you learn how to sell on the job or in school?
  • Do you think sales can be taught?
  • What types of resources have been valuable for you in your sales career?

Written by Jenny Poore. You can find her on Twitter and .

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