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Why There’s Only One Ideal Type of Salesperson

 Think about your fellow salespeople. Are all of them hard-charging and never-take-no-for-an-answer? Probably not, and that’s because there’s no one ideal type of salesperson. Everyone that takes this as a career has different strengths that play to different types of situations and customers. Some are fun—but always close the sale. Some will dive into the details of benefits.

So just as there are many types of salespeople, there are many types of customers. But the only commonality all salespeople have to have is figuring out where their customers come to them—what they’re looking for and what those salespeople can do to help. That’s it. When they do that, then no matter their personality type, they’ll be meeting customers’ needs.

Does it sound complicated or overly analytical? It’s not. But understanding this approach to sales can help you cement those essential relationships. Read this graphic to figure out more.

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Why There’s Only One Ideal Type of Salesperson Infographic

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