A “sales trailer” is to a business what a “movie trailer” is to a movie. It’s the short, 30-second piece that draws you in and generates interest. Every business and every sales (and marketing) person should be able to rattle off the company’s sales trailer at a moment’s notice. There’s no excuse for not being able to do this.

The sales trailer answers the question; what problem do you solve? But it doesn’t give the boring technical reasons why this is so. Too often the sales trailer ends up filled with jargon that just clogs and confuses. A mistake that almost all entrepreneurs and sales people make is that we know our product or service too well, and so instead of being concise we toss jargon around like a child in a tantrum.

Here’s a great way to take a time out and stop using jargon in creating your sales trailer: use a magnetic poetry kit to create it. That way, there will be no risk of “phosphate-free” or “API-enabled” leeching into your sales trailer. Just sit down with the kit and a handy refrigerator and go to work.

Sales people need to trust that simple is better and that less is more. If you draw in a prospect with your sales trailer, you will get to the next step. Really. My sales trailer? “We tune your sales engine for high performance.”

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