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Sales Genius Roundup from Top Sales Blogs: December 4, 2015

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As salespeople, we know it can be difficult to stay on top of the trends in the industry. You’re hustling from one meeting to the next and working diligently to meet your sales quota for the quarter. Hang in there. We’ve saved you some time by selecting sales, management, and productivity genius from the world of the internet. Read through our short summaries or dive deeper into the article by clicking the link.

Take what’s important and applicable to your goals, apply those lessons, and forget the rest.

Sales Genius Roundup December 4, 2015

Here’s your monthly sales genius roundup from top sales blogs:

How Not to Send Follow-up Emails: A Repulsive Case Study

This is one of our favorite articles in recent memory. Follow-up emails are tough – you’re trying to get your prospect’s attention without being ‘pushy’ and you hope that you can provide some value in continuing the conversation. NextGen Leads breaks down (line by line!) the reasons why this recent follow-up email doesn’t do any good –for the salesperson or the prospect. It’s definitely worth a read.

An Easy Way to Prospect When You’re Crazy Busy

We hope you’re constantly filling your pipeline as a salesperson, but we know the reality of selling (and that prospecting doesn’t always happen as often as it should). Paul’s “222 Formula” is a great place to start. It’s manageable and we guarantee you can accomplish it daily.

5 Habits of a Highly Effective Lead Generator

Like most selling activities, if it’s not ingrained as a habit, you’re probably not effective. Selling requires discipline. Lead generators know this well. These 5 habits are essential to generating leads that will actually make a difference for your business.

Your Sales Pipeline Is Not Your Sales Forecast

In her LinkedIn post, Colleen Francis (one of our features for the “My Start In Sales” series!) outlines why most salespeople fail to accurately build their sales pipelines. And the reason is because they confuse the sales pipeline with the sales forecast. Most salespeople don’t want to put unqualified prospects in their pipeline – for fear that the deal won’t close and they’ll look like they’ve failed. But that creates a larger problem for the entire sales team and company – it’s impossible to forecast if you don’t stretch the pipeline back to the top and bottom of the funnel. Colleen writes, “Putting opportunities in the top end of the pipeline has nothing to do with those opportunities being certain to close. It has everything to do with revealing the true quantity of opportunities in the marketplace, and measuring your true conversion ratios between every stage in the pipeline.”

The Reason Your Dream Client Doubts You

Anthony Iannarino’s blog is a gold mine of inspiration and ass-kicking for salespeople. This recent post had us thinking about “change management” and what it takes to overcome objections that are seeded in another provider’s failure to provide service. As salespeople, we have to overcome this past failure and make yet another promise that you won’t fail your customer. It’s a tough objection to manage and Anthony lays it out perfectly.

11 Things People Know About You Before You Even Open Your Mouth

We all know body language is important. We judge others even before we begin a conversation. This list might help you catch a few things that you may be doing without realizing it. Numbers 9 and 11 are our team’s biggest pet peeves!

25 Podcasts Salespeople Should Be Listening To

Our team has been really into podcasts lately. If you have a long commute by car or public transit, that’s the perfect time to put those earbuds in and learn a thing or two before you arrive at the office in the morning. Note: we made this list, but keep revisiting it to find a fresh listen.

3 Simple Ground Rules for Providing One-on-One Performance Feedback

This post is timely for any of you salespeople or sales managers going through annual reviews this month. Providing performance feedback can be tough but Craig Wortmann, our CEO, outlines his 3 ground rules for doing it effectively. [If you’re interested in a simple 4-step feedback model, feel free to check that out too!]

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