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Sales Genius Roundup from Top Sales Blogs: November 12, 2015

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As salespeople, we know it can be difficult to stay on top of the trends in the industry. You’re hustling from one meeting to the next and working diligently to meet your sales quota for the quarter. Hang in there. We’ve saved you some time by selecting sales, management, and productivity genius from the world of the internet. Read through our short summaries or dive deeper into the article by clicking the link.

Take what’s important and applicable to your goals, apply those lessons, and forget the rest.

Sales Genius Roundup from Top Sales Blogs: November 2015

Here’s your monthly sales genius roundup from top sales blogs:

Features vs. Benefits – How to Present Your Product In a Cold Email?

Pitching a product in a cold email is difficult, to say the least. Our tendency as salespeople is to list all of these awesome features and go into detail about how the thing actually works. This, as it turns out, is not the most effective way. When presenting your product in a cold email, create a story about its benefits – what pain would it help your customer avoid? Start with this article if you’re thinking about repositioning what you’re selling.

9 Mobile Productivity Tips for Salespeople On the Go

It can be tough to stay productive as a salesperson if you don’t first establish some kind of routine. When you’re in the field selling, use these digital and analog tools to stay focused and organized, so that when you get back to the office you know what your next steps are.

5 Rules for Your Sales Process That Your Prospects Will Love

At Sales Engine, we talk about making the sales process explicit to customers all the time. What does that mean? Well, it means establishing rules around your sales process. While ‘rules’ often seen prescriptive and restricting, these 5 will make your customer comfortable — to trust you and to buy from you.

Get Your Sales Team Prospecting Smarter, Not Harder

“Activity for the sake of activity” may feel productive, but that doesn’t mean it is.” Establishing the habit of generating leads can be difficult. Like most activity in sales, it’s all about rhythm and consistency. But once you’re filling your pipeline each day/week/month/quarter, you need to think about what leads you’re generating. Are they qualified, high-quality, and within your network?

The 2015 Top 100 Digital Companies In Chicago

We look forward to looking at this list (and its data) every year BuiltInChicago publishes it. We may be biased, but there are a lot of good things happening in Chicago!

15 Habits That Will Totally Transform Your Productivity 

These habits are simple. But you can’t do all of them — you wouldn’t be productive that way. Choose the 2-3 that seem would be good changes for your own personal productivity and commit to those.

The 2-Minute Email Trick That Convinced 85% of Recipients to Actually Respond To Me

Emails to “just check in” are terrible. We don’t like receiving them, but many salespeople still send these out regularly – and subsequently bore and bother sales prospects. There’s an easier way to send a check in email – send something of value within in the email. (At Sales Engine, we do this as a team. If I find something particularly interesting or valuable, I share it with the team and nudge others to send to our clients. Our own trick is to also provide the three clear points of whatever I’m sending. If they’re extremely busy, they don’t even have to click away from the email. They still get value from it because I’ve distilled it for them.)

What You Miss When You Take Notes On Your Laptop

This HBR article is fascinating. We’re constantly on our computers, but we shift between paper and digital note-taking depending on the client situation. This article made us reach for the notepad more than the computer lately.

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