10 Tools Every Sales Team Needs to Get Stuff Done

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By Austin Duck

When professionals of the future look back at 2016 it will be remembered as two things: the year that the truly sophisticated sales stack finally rose, and the year professional productivity was perfected.

Each alone is significant accomplishment but the overlap is an epic moment of tech-driven sales productivity. If you know where to look, there is an opportunity to be the first of a new breed: the tech equipped, productivity-driven super salesperson of the future.

So in the spirit of being productive and getting to the point, here’s the 10 tools every sales rep needs to get stuff done.

10 Tools Every Sales Team Needs to Get Stuff Done

Translate Your Playbook into Workflow with ToutApp.
Given that sticking to your playbook is a must for any successful sales organization, it’s surprising a tool like ToutApp didn’t exist before. Tout takes your winning plan and translates it into an easy-to-follow, accessible-anywhere workflow that ensures all your reps are taking the steps to get things done properly.

Forecast and Score Your Opportunities with InsideSales.
It’s hard to say “no” to doubling your forecast accuracy and even harder to turn down a tool that takes that intelligence all the way to scoring your leads. InsideSales completely obliterates the gap between MQL and SQL, making each dial and meeting count that much more.

Create Transparency in Your Sales Development with SalesLoft.
Offering “semi-automation” to the sales development process, SalesLoft helps your SDRs strike a balance between personalized communications and marketing automation. That way, their outreach scales without ever sacrificing the personal touches needed to really hook and begin qualifying prospects.

Keep Your Whole Team Aligned with Calendly.
Creating and managing client meetings has never been easier. With Calendly, there’s no time wasted going back and forth. Your reps set their availabilities, clients / prospects pick the times, and all relevant calendars are updated so no one misses out on key business.

Build Lightning-Fast CPQs with SteelBrick.
Generating CPQs, creating add-on orders, sending invoices: none of it has to be done by hand with SteelBrick around. SteelBrick offers 5-10x faster deployment than traditional quote-to-cash options and frees up your reps to do more of what they do best: sell.

Understand Your Org’s Relationship of Performance to Revenue with InsightSquared.
Imagine a platform dedicated to making every element of your sales effort make sense. A tool that translates every effort (and every dollar) into actionable data. That’s InsightSquared. It takes the guesswork away from your reps and empowers them with everything they (and you) need to crush quotas and reach your goals.

Ensure Great Contact Data Flows Into Your CRM with ScanBizCards.
Bad data in your CRM will stop any effort, no matter how intelligent, in its tracks. ScanBizCards offers a way for reps to import great contact data into your CRM and scans business cards to simplify the process of entering new prospects.

Build Strong, Lasting Relationships with Contactually.
CRMs are ubiquitous in sales organizations, but many times their complexity creates impersonal experiences with customers and prospects. Contactually fixes all that with a relationship-based CRM experience that joins the data accessibility of the big leagues with the personalization that keeps relationships thriving.

Keep Important Documents Organized with Evernote.
Though probably not news to you, Evernote is an incredible way to keep notes and documents organized. With the ability to organize and share notes, transform documents into presentations on the fly, and access anything you need on any device, Evernote offers a way for reps (and teams) to centralize their knowledge-share.

Win the Trust (and Business) of Prospects with Postwire.
Creating interesting, personal experiences for prospects is the stuff of sales dreams. Postwire makes that a reality. By offering simple-to-create microsites, Postwire allows your reps to curate helpful, individualized content hubs for prospects that take your nurturing efforts to the next level.

Taken separately, each of these tools uses incredible tech to make a single element of your sales organization run a little smoother than before. Together however, they make a tech stack: a living, breathing confluence of technologies that keep your sales team productive and help you drive revenue more efficiently than ever before.

Happy selling!

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Austin Duck is Content Marketing Manager for CircleBack, an innovative address book designed specifically for networking and sales. He regularly contributes to StartupGrind, Business2Community, and elsewhere and lives in DC with his army of cats.

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