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Re-setting expectations

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Most sales processes end at the “close.” But that’s like running a race without first tying your shoes. The final step of the sales process – after the close – is “re-setting expectations.” This is the critical step where the hand-offs are made and the client is crystal clear on what she’s getting and what she’s not getting.

If sales people view the close as the final step, this causes them to take their focus off of a smooth transition. But if they view the close as the penultimate step leading to a well-structured expectations conversation, their “prospects” will be more successful through the journey from “client” to “success story” and finally to “reference.”

Re-setting expectations is the responsibility of sales. At this early point in the relationship, the sales person holds the history of the relationship to date in his head. He knows the uniquenesses, the nuances. And he is the person best-positioned to make a clean hand-off to the rest of the team.

This step of the sales process is usually left out, causing the new client to have to re-trace her steps and educate a new group of people (best case) or get quickly down the wrong path leading to failure (worst case).

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