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Sales Blogs You Should Be Reading: 2014 Edition

By April 14, 2014 4 Comments

Just over a year ago, we assembled our favorite sales blogs and published Sales Blogs: The 18 You Should Be Following. We’re very proud of this list. Our criteria for including each one of these blogs was very strict. We perused hundreds of sales blogs and came away with a list of 18 that we think sales professionals should be taking the time to read on a regular basis.

We are proud of this list because we still regularly read each one listed, a year later. (If you don’t, we highly recommend that you do. The simplest thing you can do to improve your own sales productivity is to take 30 minutes at the beginning or end of your day to learn something new.)

Click the image below to check out the sales blogs we recommended in 2013:

Sales Blogs to Follow in 2013

But this year, we are adding to it. There is a lot of great content out there that all sales professionals (whether they be relatively inexperienced or the head of sales of a large organization) should be taking advantage of. Some of these blogs are written by a primary individual, while others are a collaboration of several writers for a certain company or organization.

We used specific criteria to create this list (we don’t want you to waste time reading blogs that just aren’t helpful):

1. Content is published regularly. (Many of these blogs post daily.)

2. We shared content from these blogs on our own social channels in the past 6 months. (Great content should be shared.)

3. The blog provides targeted sales advice and strategies that salespeople can act on immediately.

We’re confident you will be able to find at least a few blogs that you find helpful for either you or your team!

We’ve compiled some very simple solutions for you to follow these Top Sales Blogs at the end of this post. If you’re interested in reading the majority of these blogs in the future, please scroll to the bottom! 

18 Sales Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2014:

18 Sales Blogs You Should Be Reading in 2014

1. Jonathan Farrington’s Blog


Jonathan Farrington

2. ViewPoint: The Truth About Lead Generation


Point Clear PD

3. Geoffrey James on


Geoffrey James

4. The Pipeline 


Tibor Shanto

5. The Sales Hunter


Mark Hunter

6. Ken Krogue’s Blog


2014-04-11 12.36.07

7. The IMPACT Sales Training Blog


The Brooks Group

8.  Baseline: BASE CRM Blog 

@getbase & Primary Writer: @LaurenLicata

Lauren Licata

9. The Funnelholic 



10. New Sales. Simplified.


Mike Weinberg

11. The Sales Leader Blog


Engage Colleen

12. Acquirent’s Blog 



13. Sales Pro Insider


Sales Pro Insider


 @InsideSales & @TheSalesInsider

Inside Sales

15. Creating Sales Champions


Keith Rosen

16. Star Results: Sales Management Blog


Steven A Rosen

17. Practical Eloquence: Persuasive Communications Blog


Jack Malcolm

18. Sales Prospecting Perspectives


AG Salesworks

That’s it! But wait…

Here are the easiest ways for you to follow these blogs in the future:

  1. Follow our Twitter list! We’ve compiled a total of 36 sales blogs — which means that you’re bound to find at least 4-5 blogs that will help you learn and develop as a salesperson. Dedicate 20-30 minutes to scrolling this list at the beginning or end of each day to stay on top of sales trends and strategies.
  2. Take your favorites and populate an RSS reader. We’re partial to Feedly. We put all 36 of these blogs in one folder and stay up to date each week. (Feedly makes it very easy to share these posts on your social networks or email a post directly to a coworker/colleague.)

What are your favorite blogs or news sites to follow up on sales news or strategies?

How much time do you devote to obtaining knowledge and tuning your sales skill sets per week? 

Written by Jenny Poore. You can find her on Twitter and .

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