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The most critical tool in your toolkit

By February 28, 2010 2 Comments

Telling stories in business is a discipline that is your most important tool in your success toolkit.  Take selling.  Most often, sales people operate at the level of features and benefits, staying within that narrow “leaf level,” mistakenly thinking that this is where decisions get made.

The ability to move comfortably back and forth between the forest, the tree, the branch and the leaf, describing the complex chemical reaction at the leaf level while also describing the stunning beauty of the forest itself.  As we move from level to level, different kinds of stories get told.  And it’s these stories that build connections and context for the decisions that we are asking our clients and employees to make.

Your action:  Capture your stories and work on wrapping them around the facts and data, bits and bullets, features and benefits.

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  • wevernon says:

    I agree, telling stories is critical to engaging your audience.  However stories told without emotion is like a joke with no punch line.  Sales are closed when an audience is moved emotionally to act!

  • Scott Carbonara says:

    Great reminder. I used to make that mistake of “leaf selling” when engaging C-suite leaders. Out of respect for their time, I’d “skip to the end” by jumping into the facts without fully engaging their emotions. Sales is a multifaceted yet consistent story that works on both micro and macro levels.

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