When You Know It’s Time To Leave Your Sales Job

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When You Know It's Time To Leave Your Sales Job

Companies have got it down to a science.  They promise you everything you had hoped for – stability, an equitable commission structure, box seats, free lunch – to keep you from jumping ship.  You wonder what it would be like to have a job you actually cared about but you make excuses for yourself…

“I’ve been here for less than a year.  It won’t look good on my résumé to move from job to job.” 

“It’s too risky.  I’d rather stay in a place where I’m comfortable.”

“I’ve already invested in building relationships with my existing clients.  I don’t want to start over again.”

Safety is seductive by nature.  It has a gravitational pull that prevents you from disrupting the status quo.  But don’t let it get ahold of you.  Below are three scenarios that should tell you when it’s time to find your next sales job.

Scenario I: You Have Hit The Ceiling 

When you’ve reached far and beyond the scope of your role and no longer see opportunity for greater impact, you’re likely to run up against a ceiling.  This ceiling is preventing you from developing and growing as a sales professional.

Before you know it, you’re slowing your roll and starting to stagnate.  You’re no longer motivated to do better, achieve more or expand your influence.

This is a pretty good indicator that you need to get out fast.  Agreeing to operate under these conditions is doing you a disservice.  You’ll never be able to reach your potential when confined by the limitations of your environment.

Scenario 2: You’re Putting In More Than You Get Out 

Reaching a quota month after month is hard work.  You’re burning the candle at both ends and starting to deplete your reserve tank, which was supposed to be saved for emergencies only.  You feel like the return is nowhere near what you continue to deliver.  The longer you stay, the more you realize you’re just a pawn at the mercy of your superiors.

This is when you need to step back and think about what gives you purpose.  If you are the type of person who thrives in an environment that appreciates and rewards your contributions, then it’s time to look elsewhere.  The longer you stay in this scenario, the more likely you are to start questioning your own worth.  The best jobs are reciprocal by nature so don’t settle for a one-way street.

Scenario 3: You’re Just Going Through the Motions

You can’t complain.  The good has always outweighed the bad: you like your colleagues enough to join them for happy hours, you don’t have to worry about having enough money in the bank and you can pass off the things you hate to your subordinates.  When you walk in the office, you know what to expect.  You’ve found comfort in the predictability of your environment.

But where’s the passion?  How can you live up to your potential when you’re cruising on autopilot?

Now is the time to expand your horizons.  You still have a fight left in you. Challenge yourself to get messy and uncomfortable…because those are the situations that will lead to the greatest insights and rewards.

Pete Ryan GoGoHire

Pete Ryan, Co-founder at Gogohire, an invite-only marketplace for tech sales talent. Over 350 companies use Gogohire to find, interview, and hire tech sales talent more effectively and efficiently.  Prior to Co-founding Gogohire, Pete was a sales person and leader at Oracle, LinkedIn, and DoubleDutch.

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